Iguaçu-Iguazú Falls (Brazil and Argentina)

Taller than Niagara and wider than Victoria, Iguaçu Falls has long been on my list of natural wonder must sees. Until our posting to Brazil, experiencing Iguaçu seemed an unlikely or at least a very distant dream.

On Thanksgiving Day we flew from Rio to Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, checked into our hotel, and had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at a Churrascaria down the street. We ate WAY too much food, but they kept bringing more deliciousness to our table – how could we say no? The grilled fresh pineapple with cinnamon was the best!

Friday morning we boarded a shuttle our hotel helped us arrange and headed to Iguaçu National Park (Brazilian side). As we walked through the subtropical rainforest along the park’s trails we saw families of coatis (raccoon like critters)

Huge lizards



A variety of butterflies

And (much to my daughter’s dismay) SPIDERS!


She made sure to walk in the middle of the path.

We could hear the distant sound of rushing water before we saw the falls. My excitement and anticipation fluttered inside my chest. When the trees finally opened up, we caught our first glimpse.

Our first view of the falls.

Wooden walkways took us out and over the terraced falls and so close to the spray that we were drenched.

. IMG_0838Even though this isn’t the river’s highest water season the power was awe inspiring and the falling water sounded like tremendous applause. IMG_0119

On Saturday, we rode the shuttle across the river to Iguazú Falls National Park in Argentina where a safari vehicle drove us through the jungle to the river.


We climbed aboard our “let’s get soaked in the falls” boat and put all our belongings into the provided plastic bags. My husband had the forethought to bring the waterproof bags for our phones, so I was able to take pics and videos while we were under the falls.

I’ve created a video mashup of both the Brazilian and Argentine sides of Iguaçu. The visuals will speak better than any words I can use to describe. Hope you enjoy!


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