Birds of Paradise – Parque das Aves

IMG_0987I posted earlier about our trip to Iguaçu Falls but left out the birds at Parques das Aves because I feel they deserved their own separate entry. Our visit to the bird park was part of the shuttle tour we had arranged on the Brazilian side of the falls. I had read a short write up about the park in my guidebook that basically said, “Meh! You don’t see many birds” so we arrived with low expectations. I don’t know if the Parque das Aves has made changes since my book’s publication, but we found the park delightful! Birds were everywhere! Visitors can walk through huge netted enclosures while birds strut, hop, and fly about. I had one little fella start pecking on the strap of my sandal (I guess it resembled a worm) and a sneaky toucan snatched a empty snack pack from the side pouch of my bag. The huge parrot enclosure was a riot of noise and color, while the butterfly one was an oasis of calm.

Here is my mix of pics and vids.

Iguaçu Falls –

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