Óbidos Vila Natal – Portugal (Óbidos Christmas Village)

One of our favorite day trips from Lisbon is the medieval hilltop town of Óbidos. It is often refered to as the Wedding Present Town because, in 1282, King Dom Dinis gave Óbidos as a wedding present to his new wife Isabel. From then, until the late 1800s, Óbidos belonged to the queens of Portugal. It is a jewel of a town with narrow winding cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses with blue or yellow ocher trim, souvenir and artisan shops, restaurants and cafes, beautiful azueljos (blue tiles), Ginja (sour cherry liqueur) in chocolate cups, and spectacular views – all encircled by a medieval wall. If you’re not afraid of heights, ascend the stone steps and take a walk around the town along the ramparts; it’s a wonderful vantage point for taking in the town’s lovely tiled roofs. During December, the castle grounds become Óbidos Vila Natal (Óbidos Christmas Village). Elves clown about in colorful costumes and vendors sell roasted chestnuts and rich, thick, hot chocolate to help you fend off the winter chill. Of course Pai Natal (Father Christmas) always takes time off from his busy schedule to visit with children in Óbidos. The festival draws huge crowds on the weekends – we went on a weekday 🙂

music – Ó Bento Airoso (Portuguese Christmas Song) [feat. Hilary Field & Gwen Franz] [From Just One Angel V2.0]

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