Feliz Natal – Boas Festas (Christmas in Rio de Janeiro)

Two Firsts For Us

 This is our first Christmas in Rio and our first summer Christmas (Although Chennai Christmases felt like summer)

Because of the heat, I thought Santa might wear a sunga here.IMG_3774

But Santa, being an immortal, must not sweat.

Trimming the tree is a walk down memory lane. Wherever our travels take us, we try to find something for our tree. I love listening to the kids reminisce about the great times we’ve had together as we decorate.

Dinner and Just Dancing

We continued our annual holiday soup night tradition with new friends 🙂


Typical Brazilian fare for Christmas Eve Dinner
The kids in front of the world’s largest floating Christmas Tree – Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon


As always, we ate homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast before opening presents – and my daughter proclaimed it a Christmas miracle that I found cranberry juice (her favorite)

For Boxing Day we headed to the Beach

Praia de Reserva – Barra, RJ

Although we miss family in the states and our friends scattered all over the world (and cold weather), we had a fabulous first Christmas in Rio.

AND now we’re ALL sunburned!

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