CADEG – Mercado Municipal Do Rio De Janeiro


Two days after Christmas (and still crispy from our Boxing Day sunburn) we decided to search for some indoor fun. My husband, while looking up Rio activities online, came across a blurb that mentioned a wholesale flower market. LET’S GO!!!

We traveled by taxi since CADEG is located in Benfica (Zone Norte), an area of Rio we had yet to explore. Our trip was basically reconnaissance; we weren’t planning on buying much.

The flower portion of the CADEG market is outside under a large vaulted shed-like structure. Whenever I hear the words “flower market” images of Koyambedu in Chennai immediately swim before my mind’s eye. While CADEG is not on the same wonderfully overwhelming and chaotic scale as Koyambedu with its mounds of flowers and strands of temple/puja garlands, it is more functional for my purposes. Here I can purchase plants for my balcony, flowers for parties, or bouquets for friends – at wholesale prices.

The main market building is a 4-story complex with a multitude of offerings.


There were fruit and vegetable vendors.

Shops selling gourmet foods, spices, cheeses, eggs, baked goods, wines and spirits, and kitchen equipment – as well as, restaurants, juice bars, and small cafes.

We were too early for lunch and had already had breakfast; but when we saw freshly made pastéis de nata, we had to stop for the yummy custard like Portuguese pastries and café pingados (espresso with a little milk).IMG_0770 We’ll have to time our visit better next time, some of the restaurants looked amazing! A few of the wine shops had taste testing kiosks set up outside. I’m not sure if this is an everyday thing or just preparation for the upcoming New Year’s Eve celebration. We picked up some Portuguese wine and Champagne – also at wholesale prices.


We will definitely be back!


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