Réveillion – New Year’s Eve in Rio

In the past, I’ve seen the TV clips showing New Year’s Eve celebrations as midnight strikes in major cities around the globe. To me, Rio always looked so exotic and magical; the coastline, the silhouette of the mountains, mass crowds of revelers in white, and fireworks lighting up both sky and water. We were so excited for our first taste of Rio’s Réveillion.

Dressed in our good luck whites and toting peanut butter cookies, wine, and Champagne, we lucked out and caught a taxi to Posto 8 in Ipanema. Since the beach road in Copacabana was closed to traffic, we were on foot from there to our first stop, a friend’s party at an apartment near Posto 6 (postos are lifeguard stations and great landmark references for meeting up with people at the beach).

Around 11:30 we joined one million others on the beach and got our plastic Champagne glasses ready. The predominant color of the evening was definitely white (good luck and peace). The second most popular color was yellow (prosperity).  Revelers wear green (good health), red or pink (romance), orange (professional success), blue (harmony), purple (inspiration), but black is considered bad luck.

The fireworks were shot from barges and the colorful bursts formed a 2 mile explosive line that curved with the shore. Spectacular!  music – Bará Bará Beré Beré by Brazilian Live Project

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