Beachin’ in Beautiful Búzios, Brazil

It wasn’t long after moving to Brazil that we began to hear of this place – its name uttered almost reverently,  “Búzios, beautiful Búzios, Ahhhhh Búzios, you must go to Búzios!”

The whole peninsula is refered to as Búzios, however, the small seaside town of Armação dos Búzios sits on the north side of this hilly peninsula (south from the red square on this map). Armação dos Búzios was just a sleepy fishing village until Bridget Bardot started vacationing here in the 1960s with her Brazilian boyfriend, who brought her to relax and take a break from the Rio paparazzi (at that time Búzios had no electricity or running water).IMG_1230As you can see, mother nature has created many beaches and coves on the Búzios peninsula- some wide stretches of sand, some only narrow crescents, some rocky and wild.

Praia João Fernandes

Búzios is a three hour drive from Rio (when the traffic gods are kind), so by noon we had already dropped our bags at our pousada (small hotel) and walked to Praia João Fernandes for lunch and water fun.

Seafood selection at A Pomba restaurant

Since it was the tail end of the holiday season and this beach is a short walk from many pousadas, the sliver of sand that is Praia João Fernandes was packed with people. This cove beach is perfect for paddleboarding and snorkeling

IMG_4006Did you forget to pack a hat? Are you looking for a souvenir t-shirt? Are you hungry? Just sit tight, the vendors come to you. 🙂 My favorite was the guy in the açaí boat.

The walk downhill to the beach was definitely easier than the walk back up!IMG_4081But the view was gorgeous!IMG_1132We stayed at Pousada Janellas do Mar – beautiful views, a small pool, walking distance from a couple of beaches and the center of town (if you don’t mind hill climbing), hammocks on every balcony, a simple yet tasty breakfast, and a resident marmoset.

Our first evening in downtown Armação dos Búzios – so many restaurants to choose from!

Rua das Pedras
IMG_1192 (1) Praia do Canto

Since we experienced small and crowded our first day, we decided to try out Praia de Geribá with its huge expanse of golden sand.

“It looks like California!”, my kids happily exclaimed.


Great wave day – so much fun!!!

IMG_1330Crepes and beach corn for lunch.


In the evening, we walked along Praia da Armação and Praia do Canto to the town’s center.

Bronze fisherman sculpture
Bridget Bardot sculpture
A young businessman selling homemade popsicles.IMG_1210

On our third and final day in Búzios we chose to visit the less developed, less crowded Praia Brava. IMG_1369

The water was crystal clear – we even saw a few sea turtles.

IMG_1225Sadly it was time to head back to Rio.

I am now one of those who reverently says, “Ahhh Búzios, you must go to Búzios!”

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