Photo Journal Aswan, Egypt

(Aswan Souq, Northern Quarry, and Philae Temple) Our Nile Cruise Adventure began in Aswan. Here the desert meets the Nile, ancient trade routes once crossed paths, and old kingdoms fortified garrisons to guard the southern frontier leading into Nubia and Sudan.

IMG_1641PMR Nile, Aswan

IMG_4431PMR Aswan Souq

Aswan Souq

IMG_4437PMR Aswan Souq

IMG_1652 Aswan Souq

IMG_1653 Aswan Souq

PMR Herbs and Spices - Aswan, Egypt

Dried plants, herbs, and teas

IMG_4432PMR Aswan Souq

IMG_4436PMR Aswan Souq

IMG_1648 Aswan-Souq

IMG_4439PMR Aswan Souq

Tang advert

IMG_4438PMR Aswan-Canopic Jars

Canopic jars for mummy organs.

IMG_4441PMR Aswan Souq


IMG_4445PMR Aswan Souq

Lemons and Veggies

IMG_4444PMR Pepsi Aswan Souq

Pepsi break

IMG_4448PMR Aswan Dam

High Dam and Lake Nasser

IMG_1654PMR Aswan Dam

IMG_4452PMR Aswan Dam

First Cataract – Aswan Dam

IMG_4463PMR Aswan Northern Quarry

Northern Quarry

IMG_1658PMR Aswan Northern Quarry

The stone cracked so the obelisk was abandoned – very cool that we can see the stone cutting process!

IMG_1660PMR Northern Quarry, Aswan

Chisel Marks

IMG_1662PMR Northern Quarry, Aswan

IMG_1663PMR Northern Quarry, Aswan

Resting in the shade

IMG_4454PMR Aswan Northern Quarry

IMG_4521PMR Aswan Philae Temple

On our way to Philae Temple

IMG_4522PMR Aswan

IMG_4517PMR Aswan Philae Temple

Our Captain

IMG_4473PMR Aswan Philae Temple

Philae Temple dedicated to Isis

After the Aswan dam was built (1902), Philae Island and its temple were partially flooded. With the building of the High Dam and threat of further submersion, UNESCO led a huge relocation project (1972-1980) to move Philae Temple, block by block, to Agilkia Island. They even landscaped the temple’s new island home to look like Philae.

IMG_4475PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4476PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_1687PMR Aswan Philae Temple

The faces of Hathor (the cow goddess of love and happiness) each with a different expression

IMG_4474PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4516PMR Aswan Philae Temple


IMG_4479PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_1675PMR Aswan Philae Temple

The Goddess Isis

IMG_4481PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4483PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4484PMR Aswan Philae Temple


IMG_4487PMR Philae Temple

IMG_4491PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4493PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4502PMR Aswan Philae Temple


IMG_4505PMR Aswan Philae Temple

My son and temple guard  at the Kiosk of Trajan (Pharaohs Bed).

IMG_4510PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4512PMR Aswan Philae Temple

IMG_4511PMR Aswan Philae Temple


IMG_4519PMR Aswan Philae Temple

A wonderful day spent overwhelmed by art and history!

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