Photo Journal Kom Ombo Temple – Egypt

(Day 2 Nile Cruise) Kom Ombo Temple-This temple is unusual in that it is two combined. One side is dedicated to Sobek (crocodile god) and the other to Haroeris (Horus the Elder)

IMG_4562PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1722PMR Kom Ombo

The roof of each section of the temple gets lower and lower as you walk through. Standing outside looking in, the effect is like looking at the vanishing point on the horizon. Only the priests were allowed in the interior. Regular folks could come into the courtyard only during festivals.

IMG_4545PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4547PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1725PMR Kom Ombo - relief

There were two ways Egyptians created reliefs – they either carved the forms into the stone (sunken) or they drew out their forms and carved the surrounding rock away (raised)–like in the photo above. The raised reliefs are much harder to create.

IMG_1740PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1727PMR Kom Ombo - Hieroglyphs

IMG_4541PMR Kom Ombo

Priests’ Calendar – knowledge meant power and they jealously guarded their secrets.

Our guide’s description of the calendar.

IMG_1726PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1728PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4544PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1733PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1752PMR Kom Ombo

Some colors are still visible; it must have been quite a sight to see the temple in its fully painted glory.

IMG_1734PMR Kom Ombo

Vultures symbolize protection

IMG_1745PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1746PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1747PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4557PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_1750PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4554PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4560PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4563PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4565PMR Kom Ombo

IMG_4566PMR Nile Cruise

Cooling off back onboard and ready to cruise on to Edfu.

(The pool water was FREEZING!!!)

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