Photo Journal Edfu Temple of Horus – Egypt

(Day 2 Nile Cruise after Kom Ombo)

Edfu, an Egyptian sandstone temple dedicated to Horus, sits near the Nile about halfway between Aswan and Luxor. It was the believed location of the fierce battle in which Horus defeated his uncle Seth (vengeance for the death of his father Osiris).

Construction of the temple was begun by Ptolemy the III in 237 BC and completed by Cleopatra’s father Ptolemy VII in 57 BC. The average temple took hundreds of years to build. Modern society seems so impatient in comparison.

IMG_4577PMR Edfu

Like sands in an hourglass, the desert slowly poured in and buried the temple and its surrounding buildings. For 2,000 years the sand provided protection; Edfu is considered the best preserved Ptolemaic temple in Egypt.

IMG_1758PMR Edfu

The winged sun disk represents Horus.

IMG_1791PME Edfu

IMG_1792PMR Edfu

IMG_1755PMR Edfu

Later people found the old gods threats to their new faith and chiseled away their faces (as you can see in the above photo).  What a shame!

IMG_4581PMR Edfu

Temple Courtyard

IMG_4582PMR Edfu

IMG_4598PMR Edfu

Horus, god of the sky, god of war, god of the hunt, god of the Pharaohs, is often depicted as a falcon.

IMG_4583PMR Edfu

IMG_1773PMR Edfu

Columns in the temple’s main corridor.

IMG_1778PMR Edfu

The black on the ceiling is from campfires. When the desert sands filled this corridor, ground level was high over our heads and people would seek protection for the night under the temple’s roof.

IMG_4589PMR Edfu

IMG_4590PMR Edfu

IMG_4591PMR Edfu

IMG_4593PMR Edfu

IMG_1788PMR Edfu

The interior of the temple was a maze of eerily lit rooms and halls; my son found it a great place for hide and seek.

IMG_1774PMR Edfu

IMG_1777PMR Edfu

IMG_1782PMR Edfu

IMG_4597PMR Edfu

IMG_4601PMR Edfu

IMG_4603PMR Edfu

IMG_4605PMR Edfu

IMG_4606PMR Nile Cruise

Back on our boat and ready for galabaya night!

IMG_4609PMR Nile Cruise

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