Waterfalls of Paraty – Cachoeira da Pedra Branca and Cachoeira do Tobogã

In honor of getting my stitches out today – here is a photo/video clip mix of our amazing day swimming in the waterfall pools of Cachoeira da Pedra Branca and sliding on the natural water slide at Cachoeira do Tobogã.


Chain Reaction at Cachoeira do Tobogã (Why I needed 4 stitches)

A little boy slipped at the top of the slide.

Despite the guide telling his mom to stop walking around and let HIM pick up the boy, she rushed to help her son, slipping and momentarily knocking herself out.

Her daughter picked up her mom’s dropped phone and began sliding. She became stuck halfway down and freaked out.

I was standing in the pool at the bottom of the slide on a flat rock, calf deep in water, and had just videotaped my son sliding down.

The dad from the family in distress was in the pool with me, pleading for his daughter to calm down.

When she wouldn’t, he moved to climb back up the slide to her.

I moved to get out of his way – and that was all it took, just one small distracted step left onto the slide not the flat rock and WOOOOSH SMASH OOOOPS I HAVE A GASH!

Sopping wet, both families with injured moms climbed back into the jeep and headed to Paraty’s ER. This was my first Brazilian ER experience and it was great. The only identification I had on me was my CA drivers license, everything else was at the hotel. My husband had his resident card, so with the combo of the two pieces of identification I was ushered into the back to wait. I sat for only 15 minutes (leaking blood helps) before being seen and stitched up by the doctor. The other mom was examined and was fine. My husband stayed with me through the process to act as my translator. The other dad took all the kids across the street for ice-cream. Super nice family!

All in all it was still a great day and I would definitely go back to Cachoeira da Pedra Branca, the first set of falls we visited. As for Cachoeira do Tobogã – we’ve seen it, we’ve all slid down the fun way, and I also slid down on my face – so I’m good : ) I’ll pass on that next time.

BTW If some of you think we’re crazy for sliding, check this video out – this is pure insanity!



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