Sunday Samba at the Sambódromo (Rio Carnaval 2015)

Carnaval in Rio is everything we imagined and more. This past Sunday we fought through a thunderstorm and heavy traffic to make our way to the Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí (Sambódromo). Although it was still raining when the samba schools began to perform, the rain didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. The stadium was full of spectators covered in plastic rain-ponchos dancing, singing, laughing, and cheering.  The parade costumes and floats were AMAZING, so creative. The judges have a very difficult job.

Some of my photos were taken from inside a waterproof bag 🙂 Much to everyone’s delight the rain stopped around 2:00am; we stayed with our two teenagers until 4:45am. What a party! We can’t wait for next year!


2 thoughts

  1. Your photos are fantastic!!!!!!!!! Love the colors splashed all over! Sounds like you and the teens had a great time – one that will go down in their stories to children and grands. Thanks for sharing the sights and the music! It added some spunk to our drizzly Saturday morning in Ankara.

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