Carnival Costumes – Blocos in Rio de Janeiro

IMG_2926Blocos are traditional Brazilian Carnival street parades and parties. The streets are blocked to traffic, there is music, either live or taped, and people follow behind the parade procession until the end of the route where everyone then stops to party. While Sunday Night’s samba experience at the Sambadrome was THE highlight of our first Rio Carnival experience, the blocos we attended in various neighborhoods provided us a chance to go local.  The street parties can get pretty rowdy, but we had a good strategy.  Arrive early, enjoy the music, people watch, have a couple of beverages and then head home or on to the next bloco before the revelers become too intoxicated. From Friday, February 13th through Tuesday, February 17th, Rio hosted 111 official blocos.

Here is a Carnival Costume Mix from several blocos in the neighborhoods of Leblon, Ipanema, Santa Teresa, and Centro.

Music: Casa (Samba) – Escola Do Samba Carnaval

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