Q’enko and Sacsayhuaman – Cuzco Inca Ruins

We visited the Inca ruins of Q’enko and Sacsayhuaman (sounds like sexy woman) on our second day in Cusco. Q’enko, Quechua for “zig-zag”, is a combo of religious sanctum and  astronomical observatory and was part of the nearby Sacsayhuaman ceremonial and administrative complex. Sacsayhuaman looks like a fortress, the rock work is amazing in scale and visitors can’t help but ponder and marvel, not only at how expertly carved and fitted the blocks are (no mortar was needed), but also how they were transported, lifted, and placed — mind-bloggling! Unfortunately, the Spanish damaged or destroyed the majority of Inca religious symbols and took stones from Sacsayhuaman to build their cathedral in Cusco.

In the video you will see what remains of a huge carved snake in the cave we visited at Q’enko. As I mentioned in my previous posting, there is a trinity in Inca mythology involving the condor, puma, and snake – the puma is the world of men and when a person dies they travel to the underworld where, like a snake, they shed their old skin, and are reborn. The condor then flies them up from the underworld where the circle of life begins anew.

song:”Tarpuy” Inca The Peruvian Ensemble – Que Siga la Farra


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