Andean Animal Sanctuary

On our way to explore ruins and terraces in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we stopped at Ccochahuasi Animal Sanctuary. This shelter rescues and rehabilitates Andean animals (some endangered) that have been abused or injured; those that can be, are eventually returned to the wild. The sanctuary also has an Andean Condor breeding program to help repopulate the mountains with these magnificent creatures. A definite highlight of our visit was seeing condors in flight.


Baby llama

Baby alpaca

My kids thought this one looked like  Kuzco from The Emperors New Groove.


Watermelon buffet line




Muscovy duck



Andean mountain cat


I zoomed in on these beauties, resting but watchful in the rocks. Once sacred to the Incas, these pumas were rescued from an evil human who kept them drugged so tourist could take pictures with them.



Condors Sacred Valley -Peru

Condors in flightmusic Condor Solitario by Sukaya

My first reaction upon seeing this unfortunate looking fellow was, “Oh poor thing! I wonder what happened to him?”

But then I saw another with tongue sticking out and hairless except for an orange mohawk. Turns out they are a Peruvian hairless dog breed that dates back to pre-Inca times.

A squirrel size Tamarin – one of a few varieties of comical monkeys watching the passing humans.

Rescue Monkeys - Peru

Monkeys making faces


We listened to a brief talk about weaving and the natural dyes used to color the alpaca wool threads.



How this woman weaves intricate patterns from memory amazes me.

Peruvian Weaver

Peruvian weaver – music Surazo by Sukay

On to the terraces of Pisac!


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