Machu Picchu – Day 2 of our Inca Trail Adventure

There are places in the world that seem imbued with peace and power, as such, I approached Machu Picchu (Patallaqta) liked a pilgrim. The spectacularly dramatic, lush, and rugged landscape alone humbles and inspires – the 360 degree panoramic view, a perfect location for sky watching and transcendental thinking. To the scenery, add the artistry of the architecture and the veil of mystery surrounding the Inca and you can’t shake the feeling of being in a sacred place.  Established at the height of the Inca Empire in the mid 1400s, Machu Picchu is thought to have been a royal residence as well as an important religious site. Perplexingly, although there is no sign of there ever being a battle, Machu Picchu was abandoned around 100 years after its construction. Perhaps, when Cusco fell to the Spanish conquistadors the city’s inhabitants saw the writing on the wall and decided to disappear into the Amazon, perhaps like so many indigenous populations, smallpox tore through, leaving too few to carry on at Machu Picchu. The mystery intrigues.

 I took so many photos (some with my phone some with my Canon), I thought it best to present them as a video montage. Hope you enjoy!

The song is Cumbre (summit) by Sukay

Machu Picchu 2016

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