Ecotouring in Bonito, Brazil Part 1

Bonito means beautiful and this wonderful nature destination more than lives up to its name. The combination of water, limestone, and time has created crystal clear, vibrant blue and blue-green rivers teeming with fish. We recently spent three and a half amazing days as ecotourists in Bonito. This post covers our snorkeling adventures on the Rio Sucuri and Rio da Prata rivers. To keep the natural wonders of Bonito pristine, the number of visitors is controlled and whether you are snorkeling, diving, hiking, or spelunking you must do so in small tour groups. We organized our tours through


Driving to the river trail head



Each of the rivers we swam in required a hike in our wetsuits and booties

(all snorkel gear is provided)



Above (right of the fallen tree) you can see the water feeding the river bubbling up through the sand.


The minerals from the limestone are what make the water so blue.



We floated along weightless, watching the water world pass like a dream beneath us — BREATHTAKING!!!

Bonito - Snokeling

iPhone in a bag videos 🙂


Next up – cave exploring and waterfalls in Bonito


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