What!!! You went to Napa and you didn’t drink wine? 

Sometimes plans made months in advance play out without a hitch, this wasn’t one of those times, a key person was missing. It was going to be a romantic getaway for my husband and me, after dropping our son at summer camp at Berkeley and before picking up our daughter in San Francisco. Unfortunately, my husband’s work commitments required him to stay in Brazil a few days longer. However, my kids’ schedules remained the same and it made sense for me to just keep our reservation in Napa. Unlike my husband, I am not very fond of wine, “GASP!” but I found plenty in Napa Valley to entertain myself. There are excellent restaurants, historic sites (the Bale Grist Mill has a very interesting why and how it’s made tour),  quaint shops, beautiful vineyards (the stunning architecture of Opus One pulled me off the road), and lovely nature trails to explore (I’ve missed the smell of California woods). I made a loop, driving up the Silverado trail to Calistoga and then down Saint Helena Hwy (29) back to Napa. Such a beautiful area, I must come back WITH my husband 🙂





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